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Can Kissing Be Hazardous to Your Health? | Dentist in Mamaroneck

December 1st 2021

When you are close to someone you can often be overly comfortable in sharing.  This is especially true with kissing. In one kiss, more than 500 germs can be shared between two people. Sharing a kiss can have an impact...

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Tobacco & Your Teeth: The Risks of Chewing and Smoking | Mamaroneck NY Dentist

November 15th 2021

Chewing and smoking tobacco are known to cause severe health problems, particularly in the lungs. But the risks to your mouth and teeth can be just as extensive and alarming. If you use tobacco, stop. Here’s what tobacco can do...

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Are You Brushing your Teeth Properly? | Dentist in Mamaroneck

November 1st 2021

Many people are surprised to learn that, for years, they have actually been brushing their teeth the wrong way. Brushing your teeth the wrong way may cause oral health problems. Learn how to brush your teeth the right way and...